it is a Brazilian enterprise turned to the consultancy and services of exterior commerce between Brazil and the European and Asian markets.

Our mission is to be the best partner for all the interested parts:


• Creating competitive advantages for our clients between the purchase and sale of products and commodities
• Producing attractive markets for our suppliers and represented
• Investigating business opportunities
• Managing the logistics of administration and of transports


From the beginning of our formation in 2006 we are compromised with quality services rendered and in the business development between Brazilian and foreign enterprises. We are able offering to the clients a varied scale of products such as:


• Iron and steel products.
• Products industrial-rough, beef, pig, poultry raiser and his parliament. special, products been derived from the milk and by-products, flours.

• Petrochemical products in general (polyethylene, raw material for polycarbonate and others).

• Mineral products. Coffee, cereals, Brazilian fruits and different commoditties in general.
• Pharmaceutical products, medicaments, cosmetics.

We represent some producing enterprises and other consumers, independently of the nationality, but that there attend with punctuality and quality the basic international requisites of purchase and sale.

Our team is formed for professionals with wide experience abroad, who acted in several segments of the international commerce, with capacital proved in logistics of air, sea and railroad transport, analysis laboratorial and material, analysis of international contracts, representation of foreign enterprises and negotiation of purchase and blindfolds what consolidates the experience of the team and the success of our enterprise.